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prize art for Ever-everafter: Ariel and Co. by Lantis-Erin prize art for Ever-everafter: Ariel and Co. :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 23 9 prize art for Swatbot26: Rey vs Kylo Ren by Lantis-Erin prize art for Swatbot26: Rey vs Kylo Ren :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 4 4 The Girdle of the Amazons, for E-Ocasio by Lantis-Erin The Girdle of the Amazons, for E-Ocasio :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 19 7 Hunting Down Loose Ends, for E-Ocasio by Lantis-Erin Hunting Down Loose Ends, for E-Ocasio :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 12 6 Mabel Pines, for Code-E by Lantis-Erin Mabel Pines, for Code-E :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 6 4 Lego Knights Kingdom for SonicClone by Lantis-Erin Lego Knights Kingdom for SonicClone :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 21 10 Just like a movie... by Lantis-Erin Just like a movie... :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 2 3 Grace, for LorenzoLivrieri by Lantis-Erin Grace, for LorenzoLivrieri :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 0 7 Oh, you're a Senator Princess too? by Lantis-Erin Oh, you're a Senator Princess too? :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 15 10 A Hand to Hold by Lantis-Erin A Hand to Hold :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 3 0 Barbara, for Zimeta by Lantis-Erin Barbara, for Zimeta :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 2 5 Spun by Lantis-Erin Spun :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 7 31
Redoubt (Re: doubt)
With every word the tv anchor speaks,
the pressure grows
until you feel that you might scream and break
if you hear one more bit of bad news.
You’re just a tiny grain of sand against the pounding, crushing
waves – after wave after wave –
of dark and bitter ocean.
The world’s a fruit that’s rotten to the core
and every breath is like a bite of poison,
whose venom spreads until it’s just
a shouting in your mind,
that threatens to deafen everything you are.
It’s an alley with both ends blocked,
blackness spreading, nowhere left to run.
But just when it becomes too much – no more, how can it be like this?! –
and horror, disbelief and utter bafflement are all that you have left to feel...
The onslaught halts, recedes, it’s power undercut.
Still lingering outside, it rages, swirls, but finds no inroad to your mind,
by bricks and stone and steel – a wall built ‘round your soul as you remember:
You are not alone.
:iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 0 0
Isn't Supposed to Be, Chap. 4: Homesick, part 2
Chapter 4, part 2
Emily was tired of being passed around like a plague-ridden marker in a relay race. Ever since they’d gotten here, she and Connor had been transferred from the watchful eye of one set of guards to the other, back and forth, here and there, only ever alone when locked inside their quarters. As they entered the apartment, Emily went straight to her room and flopped on the bed. Even their dad had shoved them off on somebody else as soon as he could. She rolled over onto her side, staring at the blank wall. What right did he have to get so angry, especially considering he’d outright asked to take charge of them? He could have carried on avoiding them, just like Connor said. Why bother talking to them if he didn’t want to hear about who they were?
The wall offered no answers, just a plain expanse of cool blue paint. The generic looking potted plant was equally unhelpful. Emily had never known she could hate a plant, but she was starting to despise
:iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 1 0
Isn't Supposed to Be, Chap. 4: Homesick, part 1
Chapter 4: Homesick
“Please, try not to panic,” said Woolsey, stepping towards them with palms raised.
Panic? Emily glued a hand over her mouth, unsure what would come out of it – a scream or an ugly choking sound. No, this wasn’t panic. This was worse. This was a room-spinning, chest-tightening, soul-crushing freak out of the highest level. They couldn’t be stuck here! It would be like looking into a cracked mirror for the rest of her life. Beside her, Connor was staring at the floor with wide eyes, his mouth a thin line.
“Dr. McKay and our other scientists are going to do everything they can to try and repair the laboratory,” Woolsey continued, trying his best to sound comforting. “It may simply take some time.”
Connor scrubbed at his face and laced his fingers through his hair. “How much time?”
“We don’t know yet. The investigation is still very much in the early stages.”
“Ballpark then!
:iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 1 0
The Ring and I by Lantis-Erin The Ring and I :iconlantis-erin:Lantis-Erin 20 32


I Had a Date by demonsfearme I Had a Date :icondemonsfearme:demonsfearme 127 27 Peggy Carter by rnlaing Peggy Carter :iconrnlaing:rnlaing 182 12 Save Me A Dance Soldier by scottblairart Save Me A Dance Soldier :iconscottblairart:scottblairart 148 8 Disney Haut Couture - Elsa by selinmarsou Disney Haut Couture - Elsa :iconselinmarsou:selinmarsou 603 67 Boy and Cat by Renny08 Boy and Cat :iconrenny08:Renny08 301 29 Beauty vs Beauty by daekazu Beauty vs Beauty :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,069 111 Belle from 2 Worlds by daekazu Belle from 2 Worlds :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,263 89 Avatar: The Last Jedi by Neodusk Avatar: The Last Jedi :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,945 181 Moana by Celiarts Moana :iconceliarts:Celiarts 973 52 Star Wars: Princess Leia by daekazu Star Wars: Princess Leia :icondaekazu:daekazu 7,525 363 Newt and Frank by Renny08 Newt and Frank :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,027 57 Poldark by juliajm15 Poldark :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 382 13 Princess Tea Party by HollyBell Princess Tea Party :iconhollybell:HollyBell 5,040 227 Anakin and Ahsoka by Renny08 Anakin and Ahsoka :iconrenny08:Renny08 719 113 Ahsoka by khallion Ahsoka :iconkhallion:khallion 246 8 Downton Abbey-Anna by yichenglong1985 Downton Abbey-Anna :iconyichenglong1985:yichenglong1985 98 12



prize art for Ever-everafter: Ariel and Co.
A much-belated prize art for :iconever-everafter: for her win in the :icondisney-club:'s Star Wars/Disney crossover contest. She requested a Little Mermaid scene. When I was thinking about what to do, I remembered those people who have maps with pins in them for where they want to travel to, and I thought that kind of thing fit Ariel very well. Flounder thinks it's awesome, while Sebastian, of course, disapproves.

Pencil scanned and colored in photoshop.

Little Mermaid/Ariel/Sebastian/Flounder (c) Disney


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Hi! I like to draw, do digital art, write, paint, make jewelry and probably a bunch of other stuff I haven't discovered yet. My art tends to be heavily based on whatever fandom I'm into at the moment.

So many fandoms, so little time...
They currently have the first two premiere episodes of Legend of Korra free for download on iTunes!!! If you missed the special sneak peak and can't wait until April 14th, this is your chance! I certainly took advantage. :D

This show looks like it's going to be amazing like the first one, though I don't quite know if it's going to have quite the special place in my heart that the original series does. For those of you who've seen it: thoughts/squees/complaints/screams of fannish joy?

And I would ask this in a poll but I don't know how/don't think I have that capability: who else wants to cry every time they see old Katara? I want to hug her and don't want her to be old/don't want everyone else to be dead so bad!!!


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